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About IBS - Intercollegiate Broadcasting System, Inc.

IBS - Intercollegiate Broadcasting System, Inc., is a not for profit educational association and foundation founded in 1940, by Dr. George Abraham, Ph.D. and David W. Borst.

IBS Newsletters

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IBS Electronic Newsletter September 18, 2017 (click here)

1. August 15, 2013, Issue #1 for IBS Academic Year (2013 - 2014)

What is IBS? What can IBS do for you?

The Intercollegiate Broadcasting System (IBS), is your trusted and experienced resource for information, action and help. IBS:

    • is a not for profit education corporation founded in 1940. (501c3)
    • Serves not for profit education affiliated high school radio/tv, college radio/tv, and community stations and streaming/ webcasters.
    • Has continuously served IBS Members for over 75 years!!!
    • Board and national headquarters staff have over 1,000 cumulative years of radio experience ready to help you!
    • Is your trusted and experienced resource.
    • has over 1,000 IBS Member Radio, TV, and Webcasting stations!!!
    • Members represent 90% of all education radio stations and webcasters that affiliate nationally.
    • Mails First Class USPS mail four page color print monthly Newsletters to all member radio/streaming stations during the academic year.
    • represents you in Washington, DC on Copyright and FCC negotiation and litigation.
    • hosts coast-to-coast radio conferences with over 250 seminars presented annually.
    • Fall radio conferences have only a $45 per person IBS Member registration fee including lunch.
    • gives YOU the BEST information and representation for LESS investment from you!
    • Hosts a giant international three day 200 seminar Radio/TV/Media and Webcasting conference in NY City every March for 78 years.
    • Provides FCC FM/LPFM license renewal and lisence application advice and information.
    • annually provides more than 250 seminars coast to coast to help you be your best!
    • helps you and your station get the recognition you deserve through the IBS Awards Programs!
    • has world headquarters directors and staff ready to serve you 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
    • has full time Washington, DC based law firm representation for copyright concerns.
    • is YOUR Voice internationally and throughout the United States.
    • Board and staff attend major radio and webcast conferences ( CMA, NAB, IRTS, RTNDA, BEA, Public Radio, etc.).
    • will meet with you at these conferences to assist you with your concerns.
    • is a member of and strategic partner of other major broadcasting organizations.
    • has consulting radio engineers ready to help you.
    • provides free programming resources for you.
    • IBS Industry Associates provide you, the valued IBS Member, with special member discounts on services and equipment.

    FCC ERTS - EAS Information from Allen Myers, IBS EVP FCC

    FCC - Homeland Security - ERTS - EAS, Emergency Alert System, Test Reporting System (FCC Registration Form) (Form 1, Form 2, Form 3)


IBS Board and Staff

IBS Board and national headquarters staff have over 1,000 cumulative years of radio experience ready to help you! If you want to give back to college radio and volunteer your time, please contact IBS! All IBS Board, Officers, Staff and Speakers are volunteers. No one at IBS is paid, full time, part time, etc.


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Chris Thomas
IBS Chairman of the Board of Directors & IBS President

"IBS Coast-to-Coast and worldwide"

Norman Prusslin

Norman Prusslin
IBS President/IBS Chair Emeritus

"IBS serves members."

Fritz Kass

Fritz Kass
IBS Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and IBS Board Member

"How may we make you HAPPY?"

Tom Gibson

Tom Gibson
IBS Executive Vice President Engineering and Technology and IBS Board Member.

"IBS Technology is leading edge."

Bill Malone, Esq.

William (Bill) Malone, ESQ
IBS Washington, DC, legal representative
Bill has also served as IBS President in the past.

Allen Myers Allen Myers
IBS Executive Vice President for FCC Licensing and Regulatory Matters
38 year veteran of the FCC Staff.
Speaker at ALL IBS Conferences for over 37 years!
Allen has been at 21 IBS Coast-to-Coast conferences in the last 5 years.
Michael Keith

Dr. Michael C. Keith, Ph.D.
author RADIO STATION (8th Edition) and dozens of other texts, books and references.
Speaker at IBS Conferences for 25 years!
Dr. Keith often awards FREE books to IBS seminar participants!
Radio Sation Book CoverBring your book for Dr. Keith to sign!