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Trophy IBS 2015-2016 Award Programs

Find out how to get the recognition your station deserves! IBS has the following three exciting award programs:

IBS Golden & Silver Microphone Trophy Awards

IBS honors excellence in programming, air personalities, public service efforts and outstanding stations with the IBS Trophy Awards!

2016 FINALISTS IBS Golden Microphone and Beast Advisor/Management Awards

(click here) 2015-2016 FINALISTS IBS Award Announcement for our Golden Microphone Trophy Awards (click here)

(click here) 2015-2016 FINALISTS IBS High/Middle School Award Announcement for our Golden Microphone Trophy Awards (click here)

(click here) 2015-2016 IBS Award Announcement for our Advisor/Student Manager Awards (click here)

Who can enter

Any student or advisor from an IBS member institution is eligible to enter the awards competition.

Note: Awards are presented to the radio station, not the individual members; therefore students MUST enter the competition through their college, university or high school to be eligible.

How to enter

Deadlines (For 2015-2016 Awards)

Awards/Trophy presented to ALL Finalists and winners on Saturday, March 5, 2016, at 76th Annual IBSNYC2016

IBS Honored and Award Winners

IBS College Radio/TV Honored and Award Winners

IBS High School Honored and Award Winners

IBS Trophy All finalists receive a smaller trophy. All winners receive a large trophy!

IBS Student Management and IBS Advisor Awards

The purpose of the IBS Student Management Award and the Best Faculty Advisor Awards is to recognize all those who work tirelessly, faithfully and in most cases, voluntarily to build, manage and program America's great college and high school radio and television stations. IBS feels strongly that those who give so freely for the benefit of us all should be honored.

Who can be nominated

Nominations will be accepted in the following categories for this year's IBS Fall Management and Peer Award:
  • Best Station Manager (Student)
  • Best Program Director
  • Best Production Director
  • Best Promotion Director
  • Best News Director
  • Best Web/Social Media Director
  • Best Faculty Adviser

Nominating someone is easy and a wonderful way to show your appreciation for those who make your station possible!

How to nominate someone

To nominate someone:
  1. Write a letter, or send an email ( of nomination. Be sure to tell the judges about the leadership, inspiration, creative ideas or anything else you think makes your student manager(s) and Faculty Advisor the best in college/high school radio/TV!

  2. Send the email to and, or,

IBS Peer to Peer Award (Bronze - Silver - Gold - Platinum)

How professional, efficient, and effective is your station operation? Find out using the IBS - Intercollegiate Broadcasting System Member Award Evaluation survey form.

IBS will recognize member stations that meet IBS Quality Member Criteria for their level of achievement and quality! IBS Peer to Peer, Bronze, Silver, and Gold, AWARDS are earned and presented throughout the year, and at all IBS Fall Coast-to-Coast Conferences in Boston, New York City, Chicago, and Los Angeles, as well as at the IBS International College Radio/Webcast Conference in New York City.

Who can enter

The IBS Peer to Peer Award (Bronze - Silver - Gold - Platinum) program is open to all IBS member stations.

How to enter

To enter:
  1. Complete the IBS - Intercollegiate Broadcasting System Member Award Evaluation survey form.
  2. Return the completed form by mail, email, FAX (845-565-7446), or as a scanned PDF attached to an email to IBS Headquarters. (


There is no deadline for this award. New entries are always being accepted and IBS members may submit updated forms as often as additional items are completed. New higher-level awards will be presented after updates are received.

IBS will Honor and Award Winners

  • IBS Color Award Certificates will be mailed to qualified stations and, at the IBS Member's request, to school administrator(s).
  • Award Presentations will be made at IBS International College Radio/TV & Webcast Conference, in NY City.