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Leaf IBS Fall Coast-to-Coast Conferences

$45 per person registration including lunch! The IBS investment in YOU for these conferences is paid for by the IBS Foundation!

Below are 2016 IBS Coast-to-Coast Fall Conferences:

Saturday, October 15, 2016, Columbia College Chicago, IL

Saturday, November 5, 2016, IBS East Coast Conference at Simmons College, FENWAY/Boston, MA

Saturday, November 12, 2016, IBS West Coast Conference at University of Redlands, CA (Los Angeles area)

Saturday, December 3, 2016, IBS South East Conference, Miami, Florida

IBS will be announcing Fall 2017 conferences in San Francisco, CA, dates and details to follow.

Chicago and Boston Conferences are held at accredited colleges for broadcasting and media.

Sessions often include Broadcasting Faculty and leading broadcasting text book authors.


IBS Columbia College Chicago Radio/Webcast Conference
Midwest Regional High School and College Radio Conference
Chicago, IL - 2016!

This event is sponsored by: Radio Department, Columbia College Chicago


  • 8:30 AM - 5:00 PM CDT, Saturday, October 15, 2016

Location, Registration, and Schedule

Columbia College Chicago, 33 East Congress, Room C33, Chicago, IL 60605

To register (includes FREE lunch and morning beverages. donuts/bagels):

Online credit card registration for IBS Chicago Conference at $45 per delegate (click here)

Print IBS Fall Conference Registration Form (click here)

September 2016 - IBS Electronic Newsletter about IBS October 15, 2016, Chicago Conference (click here)

Oct 8, 2016, Program Update for Oct 15 planning (click here)

Radio Department Columbia College Chicago announces Terri Hemmert High School Awards winners for October 2016 conference (click here)

IBS - Intercollegiate Broadcasting Coast-To-Coast Conferences are attended by over 2,000 delegates annually!

Conference Program People Highlights/Keynotes for Oct 15, 2016 planning:

This is best group of experts ever made available to YOU!

Download YOUR copy of our COMPLETE Award Winning October15 Program (click here)

    • Session I: Tuned In: Keeping On-Air Content Fresh and Relevant
      Panel: Ryan Arnold, Evening Host, WXRT, 93.1 FM, Chicago, IL
      Carmen DeFalco, Midday Host, ESPN, 1000 AM, Chicago, IL
      Lee Dickman, On-Air Host and Continuity Director, 1033 AMP Radio, Boston MA
      Ryan McKiddy, Afternoon Host & Music Director, WSIX-FM 97.9 The BIG 98, Nashville, TN

      Session II: How to Make Your Podcast Matter
      Panel: Matt Cunningham, Creative Producer/Lead, Truthful Enthusiasm, Chicago, IL
      Nick Hausman, Producer & Host, 120 Sports, Bischoff on Wrestling & WrestleZone Radio
      Anthony Ponce, Host/Producer,, Chicago, IL
      Join these podcasters as they dole out advice on how to make you a podcast aficionado!
      Tips on how to separate your podcast from the rest, as well as how to create and produce a podcast worth listening to.

      Session III: Voiceover Techniques Workshop

      Presenter: Deb Doetzer, Voiceover Talent, Stewart Talent, Chicago, IL
      Navigate the wonderful and creative world of voiceovers! This hands-on workshop will allow students
      to find out more about the craft of voiceovers. Script reading, voice inflection, and dialects will be
      discussed, and expect to use your acting skills!

      Session IV: Programming a Successful High School and College Station: incorporating Social Media and FCC Rules and Regulations

      Panel: Cheryl Langston, Director, WCRX 88.1FM, Columbia College Chicago
      John Madormo, Assistant Professor of Broadcast Communications & General Manager, WONC-FM North Central College, Naperville, IL
      Allen Myers, IBS Board, Vice President for FCC Licensing and Regulatory Matters
      Chris Thomas, GM, WLTL,88.1 FM, Lyons Township High School, La Grange, IL

      Learn the ins and outs of how to program your station to meet your audience’s expectations. Topics include: content selection, recognizing the importance of community service outreach, and incorporating timely events in your programming plans. As an added bonus, IBS’s FCC resident expert, Allyn Meyers, will walk you through the latest FCC developments.

Our IBS MIDWEST College Radio/TV/Media conference features:

    • How to Find and Secure a Radio Job in ANY market!
    • Creating a Career Path That is right for YOU!
    • Voice Over - training and tips to enter the Voiceover Biz!
    • Making a Difference at Your High School or College Station!
    • Sports Reporting for the New Millennium!
    • Generating and Keeping a Buzz in a Digital Era (Social Networking)
    • Latest on IBS Member Webcast Copyright Rates
    • Seminars on everything you want/need to know about radio, such as:
      • "Starting a Radio Station"
      • "Marketing and the Internet: How to Use New Technology "
      • "Tips and Tricks for Getting Into the Voiceover Biz "
      • And more!
    • The presentation of the IBS and Columbia College Chicago AWARDS!



IBS/Simmons College East Coast Radio/Webcasting Conference
Boston, MA

This event is hosted by Simmons College at FENWAY in Boston, MA


  • Saturday, November 5, 2016

Location, Registration, and Schedule

  • Simmons College
    2 Avenue Louis Pasteur, Boston, MA


Print a copy of IBS Fall Conferenece Registration Form (click here)

IBS - Intercollegiate Broadcasting Coast-To-Coast Conferences are attended by over 2,000 delegates annually!

Schedule and Promotional Materials

Our IBS East Coast Conference 2016 conference features speakers/panelists for planning included:

    • Allen Myers (Formally of the FCC Staff). This is Allen's 40th year of attending
      IBS Conferences and Conventions keeping IBS Members informed on FCC matters.
    • Holland Cook – national radio programmer/consultant and contributor to “Talkers” magazine
    • CBS Boston
    • Greater Media Boston
    • Walter McDonough – founder of the FMC: Future of Music Coalition
    • Station Manager Roundtable Forum
    • Start Your Own Station
    • Live Music at Lunch with Peter Mancini
    • Women in Media
    • Sessions to include:

      • Producing a killer show
      • Creating public service programming
      • Building your station’s news image
      • Station promotions & Imaging
      • Finding that first job
      • Women in media
      • Creating great station websites
      • Promoting on-line without a budget
      • Social media and your station
      • Fcc bootcamp
      • Indecency, obscenity and the law
      • Music licenses & Royalties
      • The future of music
      • Managing your own record label
      • Hyper-local promotions – getting famous in your own back yard
      • Remote broadcasts – taking your station out of the studio

      More sessions to be added!

      Enjoy a great day with some top media professionals and one of the most beautiful areas on earth for great fall scenery. See you in Boston!


No IBS Radio room block rate hotels yet available.


IBS West Coast College Radio/Broadcast Conference
Redlands, CA, near Los Angeles, CA

This event is hosted by University of Redlands, Redlands, CA


  • Saturday, November 12, 2016



Schedule and Promotional Materials

Please feel free to offer session ideas, or offer to be a speaker/panelist.

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